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ECU Remapping

Our maps are proven time and time again as reliable and effective. Even though we can offer incredible gains in power and torque, we also believe in safe and sensible Performance Tuning – that’s why our customers return time and time again.

We are OLS+ Performance Authorised Agents, one of the UK’s class leading Performance & Tuning Centre’s. All our tuning calibrations are expertly and professionally developed by OLS+ Software Engineers on their 4WD Rolling Road, allowing us to bring you the highest quality remapping service in Devon and Cornwall.

We offer a lifetime warranty against any software malfunctions and all original maps are backed up on our dedicated server allowing the vehicle to be reverted back to the original format at any point in the future.

ECU Remapping Barnstaple

Before carrying out any remapping we always carry out a full diagnostic health check as well as extensive datalogging to ensure the vehicle is in a safe state of health for tuning. We believe that driveability and reliability are as important as performance and therefore when you choose EPR Tuning to remap your pride and joy, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Remapping in Devon
Devon Engine Carbon Cleaning

Stage 1 Tuning

This is designed for a vehicle in standard form with no mechanical modifications. Our Stage 1 software will increase BHP and torque whilst also providing an increase in MPG. Throttle response will also be improved with flat spots ironed out with smooth power delivery.

Stage 2 Tuning

This provides a bigger increase in BHP and torque than our Stage 1 software and will still improve fuel efficiency and drivability. Hardware upgrades will be required before our Stage 2 software can be applied. Please get in touch with any questions.