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We are a class leading ECU remapping company based in North Devon

We specialise in Engine Control Unit (ECU) software recalibration for cars, vans and motorhomes. Our mission is to deliver an unmatched tuning service, offering the best in workmanship and customer satisfaction.

With a remap we can increase power, torque and improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle!

Our Services

ECU Remapping

We extract the map data from the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The file is then carefully and professionally custom written for your vehicle. This involves adjusting numerous parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure, ignition advance, throttle pedal control, amongst others. Our tuning calibrations are developed in-house on our Rolling Road. This allows us to deliver the highest quality custom remapping service, resulting in up to 35% more power and torque and up to 20% more MPG.

OBD / Bench Tuning

ECU Remapping involves the modification of the operating parameters within the ECU’s program which is also known as the ‘map’. In most cases, the map stored within the ECU can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD). However, in some cases the ECU has to be removed, the casing opened and specialist tools used to read the map directly from the ECU’s processing board. We adjust the parameters within the original map to achieve the best performance, fuel economy or a blend of both.

Gearbox Tuning

If you are looking for even more from your vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, a gearbox TCU (Transmission Control Unit) remap perfectly complements our ECU Remapping service. A TCU remap provides many benefits from increased power and torque by relaxing the gearbox torque limiters, faster and smoother gear changes, improved low speed and off the line response and even improved fuel efficiency on some models. We currently support DSG Gearbox Tuning and ZF Gearbox Tuning for BMW’s.

Happy customers = our success!

  • review rating 5  I dropped my MK 7 Golf GTD off to EPR for a stage 1 remap and in less than 2 hours it was completed. The power delivery now is very smooth and it just keeps pulling and pulling right the way through the rev range. The rate in which it gathers speed now is very impressive! Many thanks Carlos for a great service 👍🏻

    thumb Michael Hammett

    review rating 5  Recently I had my Mk5 Golf GT 170 remapped by Carlos and I can honestly say I was more than impressed by the whole experience. The car is alot more enjoyable to drive and the MPG has improved massively. Would deffenaitly recommend Carlos to anyone, his knowledge and customer service is second to none.

    thumb Aaron Bradley

    review rating 5  Great friendly and professional service. So happy with the performance. My van has never driven has good as it does now. Smooth, powerful and economical. Best value for money!! Would definitely recommend A+

    thumb Mishka Lossky
  • review rating 5  I bought a Van which had been mapped, and it was terrible. Power delivery wasn’t smooth and it drank fuel. Spoke to Carlos and he did a live run and it showed the problems. I opted to revert to a standard map as I was looking for better fuel economy and a smoother drive. Carlos remapped the van and it was a remarkable difference. I now get twice the range from a tank and I’m not down on power. The van runs so smoothly and gives twice the MPG without feeling any less powerful. I would highly recommend his work. Very knowledgeable and a professional service.

    thumb Mark Fairchild

    review rating 5  5 Star Service I’d been thinking about tuning for a while but didn’t really know who to trust. Carlos was just fantastic, really knowledgeable which gave me the assurances I needed. Got the work done and was so happy with the results I’ll never go anywhere else for other cars! Thanks so much!

    thumb Andy Jenkins

    review rating 5  I really recommend EPR Tuning to everyone who wants to improve his/her car performances!!! They are very friendly and very professional team! Carlos is an amazing person which answered to all my questions in a very nice way! Well done guys, please keep doing this wonderful job!

    thumb Marian Bogdan Neculai

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