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ECU remapping carries many benefits. It will not only improve the engine’s power and torque but also sharpen the throttle...
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Our custom Gearbox tuning is designed to remove restrictions and adjust the TCU software to improve performance...
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Our V-tech 4WD Rolling Road is the latest model, controlled by state of the art DynaVTECH software and patented TrueForce II technology.
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With a remap we can increase power, torque and improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle!

Our Services

ECU Remapping

We extract the map data from the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The file is then carefully and professionally custom written for your vehicle. This involves adjusting several parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure, ignition advance, throttle pedal control, amongst others. Our tuning calibrations are developed in-house on our 4WD Rolling Road. This allows us to deliver the highest quality custom remapping service in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

OBD / Bench Tuning

ECU Remapping involves the modification of the operating parameters within the ECU’s program which is also known as the ‘map’. In most cases, the map stored within the ECU can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD). However, in some cases the ECU has to be removed from the vehicle and the map read directly from the ECU’s processing board. We have the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry, the knowledge and the experience to carry this out safely.

Gearbox Tuning

If you are looking for even more from your vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, a gearbox TCU (Transmission Control Unit) remap perfectly complements our ECU Remapping service. A TCU remap provides many benefits from increased torque limiters, faster and smoother gear changes, improved low speed and off the line response to name a few. We currently support DSG and ZF Gearbox Tuning for BMW’s.

Happy customers = our success!

  • 5 star review  What a hassle free, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, enjoyable and with superb results experience it was from Carlos, EPR Tuning..! I have a Jaguar XF SV8 4.2L Supercharged which I've fitted various modifications to recently. She already goes like a rocket before the EPR Stage 1..! So after two hours and two coffees from Starbucks, returned to find my Jaguar had sprouted wings, having taken off from a racing circuit...not really of course but she feels like that now. Sounds throatier, smoother, a lot more bhp and torque which is very noticeable immediately..! Last but not least she's much more fuel efficient which is a real extra bonus (obviously I didn't buy the car for economy...)..! All in all a fabulously great service from Carlos and Team... I'll be back for some more of the EPR TUNING in due course, my youngest son will be having his Stage 1 tweeks on his Volvo S80 II AWD 4.4L V8, it's unassumingly quick already...! Highly recommended indeed, thank you very much, EPR Tuning...appreciated and very refreshing nowadays!

    thumb Adrian J Thornton

    5 star review  Excellent service from EPR. Contacted Carlos on several occasion for advice and info re tuning my VW Eos. Always prompt reply and helpful advice. After a year of dithering about considering various options, I bit the bullet and had Carlos custom tune the Eos. What can I say? Simply, that I should have had it done years ago!!! Went back to Plymouth faster than I came to Bideford 🙂 Off the mark like a rocket and just pulls and pulls – no comparison to it's previous incarnation. Excellent work by Carlos and team at EPR. Highly recommend.

    thumb George Baxter

    5 star review  Had my BMW 118d tuned by EPR tuning, and what a difference it made, felt like driving a new car more aggressive, smoother through the gears and the torque and speed was hell of a boost! Very professional all explained well as I didn’t know much about remapping cars, treated it like there own, great service couldn’t fault it 👍🏻

    thumb Alex Episkopos
  • 5 star review  Just wow. From the incredibly helpful, polite and efficient service to the amazing upgrade in every way to the drive of my vehicle, I cannot thank EPR Tuning enough. There are so many companies talking the talk around vehicle tuning but very few that actually can walk the walk. Cannot fault EPR Tuning from the service to the results. Thank you so much.

    thumb Becky Rexworthy

    5 star review  Wow Carlos your the man. I’m so grateful that you did my remap on my countryman, the last one this year for you.. I can’t believe my car produces 286 bhp and 415 nm of torque. It’s like a rocket now it goes like S- - - of a shovel Even in green mode it’s fast, flick the gearstick over to M/S and let’s just say your holding your steering wheel tight and then when you use the toggles to mid and sport it’s so quick. Amazing 🤩 I thought driving to Bideford is far but I just wish the journey was longer as I returned back to coventry I was smiling all the way home and beating cars on the road. Carlos really knows how to custom remap cars. Any cars I buy in the future they will definitely be coming to EPR tuning for there custom remap. Carlos is professional and he keeps you informed on what he’s doing step by step and he treats your car with respect. Get in touch with Carlos you will not be disappointed!!!

    thumb Surinder Randhawa

    5 star review  I took my E93 330d in for a Stage 1 remap after some very informative discussions with Carlos to ensure that the adjustments would not exceed the capabilities of the engine and transmission. He was extremely professional and the results were incredible! An already capable car was transformed with smooth and strong power delivery throughout the range. Carlos even rectified an issue I had with a sensor, nothing to do with the remap, and couldn't have been more helpful. Thanks again!

    thumb Ian Mitchell
  • 5 star review  Fantastic job EPR. Very happy with the stage 1 tune on my normally aspirated V6 Chrysler crossfire. Very pleased with the results and improvement to throttle response. +Great work overcoming the cars stubborn traction control and general misbehaviour on the dyno and getting great results regardless.

    thumb Gareth Fodden

    5 star review  Very highly professional Chap Carlos, he served me well from start to finish answered all my questions... in detail, re performed my BMW 330i x Drive into a much better car as well as performance... Drove away with out any smoke !! Definitely use again, and would recommend his service.. to anyone, Thanks Carlos you defo served me well today I’m a happy man. 👍

    thumb MIKE OWEN

    5 star review  Very professional and knowledgeable, and happy to provide advice. Polite and prompt service when I dropped the vehicle off. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Gavin Campbell

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